This is where I keep all of my "work in progress" stuff, which at the moment is everything. Hopefully as I start to get some of these projects finished, this section will get cleaned up a bit.

Current Projects

At the moment, most of my attention is focused on Containment Breach, my recent Game-in-a-Day project. The code itself is coming along nicely, I just need to make the time to start focusing on asset creation and level design. Currently, the game has a number of nifty features up and running, including:

There's still plenty of core programming to do, which will hopefully be finished in a couple of months.


For those not familiar with it, Flixel is an open-source Actionscript 3 library started by Adam Saltsman. It is especially well-suited for creating platform games, but has been used to create a wide variety of different games. I began using Flixel with Containment Breach and have since begun working on some of my own Flixel classes. These are available on GitHub.

This class works with the current version of Flixel, 2.5