These are some of the games I've developed over the years. Most of them are incomplete, waiting for me to get back to them. Most of them are at least playable (or were, at one point in time). Hopefully, I'll get around to finishing them all someday.

Adventure Time: The Quest for the Two Chests!

This was my entry for the Adventure Time Game Jam in 2012. The game was programmed in AS3 and Flixel, with graphics done in Gimp. It's a Zelda-style adventure game where you explore a very small part of the land of Ooo. Unfortunately, I got really into the art during the game jam, and ended up spending almost half my time drawing tiles and sprites. Since I started running out of time, I had to scale back form my original plans in order to make the game playable (and winnable). Since I hadn't managed to get in a boss or any NPCs, I needed another way to win the game. I managed to get the chests working before the deadline, and thus, The Quest for The Two Chests was born!

Play The Quest for the Two Chests!

Containment Breach

This was a game I created at the 2011 GEEX Game-in-a-Day competition. It was also my first attempt at using Flixel. The game itself is a basic platform shooter, similar to Metroid and Mega Man. It also serves as a testing ground for various concepts I'm experimenting with, including lighting, collision detection and multiplayer capabilities. This project is still in active development, so hopefully I'll be making a lot of progress on it in the next few months.

Watch the GEEX Trailer

Payment Due

Payment Due was my first and only major attempt at creating a game in Director. Despite having a few helpful built in functions, I found Director to be a very clumsy program for actually making games (mostly due to using Lingo as its scripting language). This game was also my attempt at creating a more story-driven game, so I did it in the style of old Sierra and LucasArts adventure games like Day of the Tentacle and King's Quest. The game itself was mostly finished, apart from missing a number of cutscenes essential to the plot. I'm currently in the early stages of remaking it in Flash.

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Sandwich Commando

This game grew out of an earlier project that I was doing for a robotics company. While working on my platform engine, a coworker asked if I could make the player shoot whatever I wanted, like sandwiches. I quickly swapped out the bullets for Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Sandwich Commando was born. The original game was coded in incredibly messy Actionscript 1.0 and was not the easiest thing to program. As soon as AS2 was released, I abandoned the platform engine I was writing and the game was shelved. Again, I hope to eventually remake it in a better engine.

Play Sandwich Commando

Blockade Runner

This was the first game I ever created using Actionscript 3. Technically, it's the third iteration of a game that I created in High School. A good deal of my focus in this game was on creating different styles of AI. This can be seen in the differences between the different fighters, the stationary platforms and the boss. Yet another one of my projects that has been put on the back burner for now.

Play Blockade Runner


This was my game from the GEEX 2010 Game-in-a-Day competition. It's considerably less finished than most of the other games, though it's still on my list of projects to work on.