My Game's on Wired!

Wired just did an article on the Adventure Time Game Jam listing their favorite games and my game made the list. Not only that, the guy who wrote the article called my game a "must-play!" I must say, I'm pretty excited about that.

Adventure Time!

My game from the Adventure Time Game Jam is up and running. I ended up spending way too much time on the tile sets, so I had to scale back the game a bit. Still, it turned out pretty good. Here it is:

Adventure Time: The Quest for the Two Chests

I didn't have time to get a boss or NPCs working, but the chests worked! Hopefully I will keep working on this one over the next few weeks and adding back in some of the features that I had to cut for time. Also, be sure to check out the other games. There are some really good ones.


I recently managed to get sloped tiles functioning in Flixel 2.5 and it's working surprisingly well. I also added cloud-type blocks that only collide from above. The code is currently up on GitHub.

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Payment DuePayment Due

This was a project that I did in Macromedia Director. My goal was to create a more story-driven game. The final product was a Sierra-style adventure game set in a cyberpunk setting.

Sandwich CommandoSandwich Commando

This game came about when a coworker asked if I could make the player of my game shoot whatever I wanted, like sandwiches. This was my response..

Blockade RunnerBlockade Runner

Blockade Runner is a game concept I started working on in high school. It has since gone through three different iterations.